Russian Flu Research Projects

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Tracking the Russian Flu: US and German Language Periodicals and Newspapers Partner institutions: Virginia Tech and Leibniz University in Hannover. Project site

The Impact of the Russian Flu on the United States, 1889-1890: An Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Project Fall 2015. Project site

Global Reporting on the Russian Flu Undergraduate Research Project
Research by Virginia Tech students, completed spring 2014. Project site


Manchester University, Medical News: Explorations in Text Mining, Digital Humanities, & the History of Medicine Workshop, Nov 2018 link

Edinburgh University, Visual Plague, Presentation, November 2018 link

German Historical Institute: Reconstructing Networks Historically, October 2018 link / pdf: Ewing GHI Network Presentation Networks

Library of Congress Reference Librarian Forum, September 26, 2017 (link)

How Many Victims of the Russian Flu? Senior capstone project, Computational Modeling and Data Analytics,
Presentation, November 30, 2016

Communicating Information during Public Health Crisis
Presentation, March 24, 2017, Virginia Tech

Cholera and Influenza Paper, CRDH workshop
Presentation, George Mason University, March 2018

Forum on Digital Humanities, Data Analytics, and Medical History, Virginia Tech Research Center Arlington, December 2015 (link)

Reporting the Russian Flu, presentation for German Historical Institute workshop, March 2017 (link)

Local Knowledge in Global Perspective, presentation toGerman Historical Institute workshop, June 2017 (link)

Roundtable on the Russian Flu, National Library of Medicine, July 12, 2017 (link)

Yale Medical Historical Library, May 2018 Presentation

Data Sets:

Current Research in Digital History: Data: web

Washington DC Case Study: data to be added

Circulating Now: Revealing Data (link)


Current Research in Digital History: