Analysis of Obituaries

Instructions for entering information, pending project completion:

This project uses an online submission form to collect information about individual victims. Each person should be entered separately on the form. Not every obituary will contain all of the information listed on the form, so these parts of the form should be left blank if there is no information in the obituary. Make sure to include the date of the report, the title of the newspaper, and the url for the newspaper in the Chronicling America collection for each entry. The information about length of illness is particularly important for research purposes. Some obituaries provide a specific time of illness (weeks, months, or years) while others use more general descriptions (a long time, a prolonged illness, or a short time). Use your judgment about which category best fits the language used in the obituary. Please copy or transcribe any description of the individual’s death, including the length of illness as well as any description of the victim during this ordeal.  Any additional information about victims available from the obituary, including the funeral or other services, can be included with the form. For more specific questions about ways to read obituaries, please see the guidelines for researchers (coming soon).

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