Data in Social Context is a new academic program at Virginia Tech at the intersection of humanities inquiry, social science methods, computational thinking, and data analysis. The first course in this new academic program, Introduction to Data in Social Context, has been taught through the Department of History.

More information about the fall 2017 course is available here. More information about the spring 2017 course is available here. Information about the summer 2018 Graduate Teaching Assistant workshop is available here. Information about the summer 2019 Graduate Teaching Assistant workshop is available here.

Presentation for Algorithms workshop is here. Presentation for 2017 Big Data Science workshop is here. Appalachian Trail Counties and Cities in Virginia poster session from spring s linked here. Student research postings on the history of tuberculosis for the Medical Heritage Library blog are available here. Presentation to the National Humanities Conference is available here. Presentation on influenza surveillance here. Presentation on Data, Decisions, and the Human Condition here.

Data Analytics and Public Policy project for spring 2018 is here. Update for History Department is here.

Data in Social Context website for Virginia Tech:

Presentation: Who Knows? link

Research on the 1890 Census link