Week One, Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, July 9-14

Link to current schedule

Monday, July 9:
Morning: seminar begins at 10 am: introductions, overview, discussion of readings
Afternoon: researching the 1918 Spanish flu using American newspapers

Tuesday, July 10:
Morning: discussion of readings
Afternoon: research plans, timelines, and communication strategies
Visiting scholar: Benjamin Trask

Wednesday, July 11
Morning: discussion of readings, connections to teaching strategies
Afternoon: research orientation, selection of topics

Thursday, July 12
Morning: Research orientation for Washington trip
Afternoon: Visiting scholar Bristow leads discussion of American Pandemic
Welcome reception for seminar participants and invited guests (4 pm) (welcome / ltraces)

Friday, July 13
Morning: visiting scholar Bristow leads session on research methods
11 am: Public lecture by Bristow on history and memory
Afternoon: preliminary project presentations

Saturday, July 14
Unscheduled time

Week Two, Washington DC, July 15-21 (tentative schedule of site visits)

Sunday, July 15
Depart for Washington, vans leave New Hall West (time TBD)

Monday, July 16
Site visit: Library of Congress, Washington DC
Exhibit tour and meeting with curators: Outbreak Smithsonian (link)

Tuesday, July 17
Site visit: History of Medicine Division, National Library of Medicine, Bethesda MD
Visiting scholars: Jeffery Taubenberger and David Morens, NIAID

Wednesday, July 18
Site Visit: National Archives II, College Park MD
Reception hosted by NEH (time TBD)

Thursday, July 19
Site visit: National Archives I, Washington DC

Friday, July 20
9 am: Visiting scholar Vanessa Northington Gamble, George Washington University

Research at National Library of Medicine, National Archives, or Library of Congress

Saturday, July 21
Research at Library of Congress (limited services)

Sunday, July 22
Return to Blacksburg

Week Three, Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg, July 23-28

Monday, July 23
Poster design consultation, 2 pm

Tuesday, July 24
Spanish Flu in Europe: From Total War to Precarious Peace

Wednesday July 25
Global dimensions of the Spanish Flu: Colonial Peoples and Imperial Power
Poster deadline: TBD (afternoon)

Thursday, July 26
Influenza Surveillance, Paige Bordwine, Regional Epidemiologist, Virginia Department of Health
Science and Spirits during the 1918 Spanish Influenza (public talk, Rising Silo), 7 pm

Friday, July 27
Poster display and research presentations, Newman Library, 9-11 am

Saturday, July 28
Departure from Blacksburg